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Aristides Rotsos Interview at Social Life Magazine

Aristides Rotsos, DDS, the founder of New York Dental, a cosmetic and implant dentistry practice located in Astoria, Queens, is one of the true finds in advanced cosmetic dentistry in the New York Tri-state area.
Dr. Rotsos is a graduate of the Tufts University Dental School in Massachusetts.

New York Dental is a state-of-the-art dental practice established in January of 2003 with cosmetic and implant dentistry as two of its focal points. The practice is at the forefront of new technology and offers a wide range of non-metal restorative options for patients who shun dental amalgam fillings or the use of any metal in their mouth.

While Dr. Rotsos and New York Dental employ the most modern methods in dentistry, as a patient one has the sense that he embodies the deliberate process and meticulousness of old world European craftsmanship and there is a passion and love of his profession or craft that transcends simply wanting to do a good job, but to change the life of his patient. After all, a smile is a powerful thing and many folks with less than perfect teeth are not always keen to show them.

Dr. Rotsos described his defining moment as follows :

"I was born in Athens, Greece. My family emigrated to South Africa when I was at the age of three. I was 11 years old when we returned back to Greece and after high school, I opted to come to the States for college. Till this day, it has proven to be one of the best decisions I've made. In 1987 I came to the United States with one of my childhood friends who always wanted to be a dentist. I was more interested in computers at the time, as Microsoft was starting to become popular at the time with its' Windows operating system.
One day during our sophomore year, we happened to look at some dental magazines that my friend had borrowed from a pre-med student. The images were impressive and I immediately realized the positive impact that a dentist can have in people's lives. That was my defining moment. I knew then that I wanted to become a cosmetic dentist. "

Dr. Rotsos is still mesmerized by the teachings of Aristotle and Plato. Likewise, cornerstone values of ethicality, morality and honesty, which formed the foundation of his youth, have helped in the evolution of his personal and professional life in the United States. He remains undaunted by new challenges. Instead, he sees them as exciting developments that are taking place in the dental profession and have the potential to impact every restorative-based dental practice now and into the future.

"Today, newly developed materials and techniques allow for minimally invasive dental treatments while optimizing long-term results. From new FDA-cleared lasers to CAD/CAM systems providing same-day restorations and some of the most life-like materials I've seen in my twenty years of practicing, we have reached the pinnacle of efficiency and patient comfort."

Dr. Rotsos reminds us of the critical importance of preventative care.

" The mouth is a precursor to many chronic cardiovascular, circulatory and other ailments. Many studies have concluded that early stages of gum and bone disease can put you at risk elsewhere in the body. The same bacteria that overtakes the mouth ,causing inflammation and disease, travels in the bloodstream causing damage to other tissues like the blood vessels and the heart. Oral health is indeed, a window to your overall health."

Dr. Rotsos's holistic outlook on the maintenance of dental health as a key to greater overall health is likely, in part, a result of his life partnership with his wife, Mary Zotos ,MS ,RD, who has a Master's Degree from Columbia University and is a registered dietitian. She has been a great source of input on formulating proper dietary prescriptions to fortify dental health.

What many outside of Manhattan may not know is that Astoria, with its' own burgeoning middle and upper middle class along with a discerning citizenry, is not just a haven for Greek cuisine, but it is also increasingly a locale for some of New York City's top physicians and dentists. In that realm, Dr. Aristides Rotsos is a standout. 

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