Digital X-Rays

New York Dental is pleased to provide patients with the latest in advanced, digital radiography.

Digital x-rays have made diagnosis of dental problems and treatment easy and quick. With digital x-rays, there is no need to wait for x-ray reports; it's right there on the doctor's monitor within a few minutes. Also, digital x-rays involve almost 90% less radiation than film type x-rays.

Early Detection: The images are so clear that any kind of hidden dental cysts, solid growths or tumors can be detected easily and timely treatment can be done. We take a close look at the x-ray reports to give you complete dental treatment.

Cost-effective: As the results are directly shown on the monitor, there is no expense of x-ray film-developing equipment. This cuts down on the cost of the treatment, making it more affordable.

Quick Results: Digital x-rays give instant results. Our doctors take several x-rays during the treatment, if required, to see if all is fine and the treatment is benefiting the patient. We care for every patient at our clinic.

High Accuracy: Digital x-rays offer high accuracy as the latest color x-ray techniques provide clearer images that can be enlarged for better view. This ensures that infections or any other dental problem do not remain hidden and get treated in time. Your oral health is our duty.


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