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The Next Generation of Toothpaste

- Going All-In on Natural and Organic Toothpaste and Oral Care Products.

Over the past few years, we have all become more conscious about our health.

And, as any medical professional or nutritionist will tell you, better health starts with what you put into your body.

Eating cleaner has become a lifestyle for many people who, only a relatively short time ago, just cared about what kind of food tasted good or was convenient. for their busy schedules.

These well-meaning folks didn't really give much thought to how much harm their daily diet of junk food was doing to their stomach and digestive system, blood pressure and heart.

Thankfully, though, things have changed for the better and many of us are now passing on the fried foods for grilled chicken, fish and, of course, plenty of salad and veggies. Don't forget to lightly season those veggies and add a touch of olive oil. The results will WOW your taste buds!

But, being careful as to what you put into your body doesn't stop with what you eat and drink.

It's time to be mindful as to what ingredients are in the oral care products that you use every day, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, whitening strips; why, even the toothbrush itself.

The great news, however, is that there is an emerging group of young entrepreneurs and dental professionals who are joining forces to bring you everyday necessities like toothpaste that have a plethora of more natural ingredients in them, instead of potentially abrasive ingredients with names you can't even pronounce.

Sure, that toothpaste you've been using for years and years tastes great. But, isn't the aftertaste flavor bomb just a little too much for you? And, lately, haven't you wondered just why your gums seem to burn after rinsing with that mass-manufactured mouthwash your Mom swore by?

If you are curious and want to look for more natural and organic alternatives to what's already in your bathroom medicine cabinet, we are here to point you in the right direction.

When discussing taking your everyday tube of toothpaste to another level, the conversation just has to include Better and Better, a brand that has been creating a lot of buzz both within the industry and among consumers.

Co-Founded by Mary Costa, Jerry Hu and Vladimir Vukicevic, Better and Better is building the future of personal health, one habit at a time. And those daily routines or habits, if you prefer, include brushing one's teeth and taking your vitamins. Now, thanks to Better and Better's highly innovative approach, you can do both all at once.

The brand's current offerings include science-backed, 2-in-1 natural, vegan toothpaste formulas that contain vitamins. The founders were inspired to think out of the box by an obsession with wellness and a desire to improve upon already existing routines.

Mary, Jerry and Vladimir provide passion and business expertise while leveraging the advice and counsel of experts in the dental and oral care/wellness field.

After considerable hard work, the team's vision and dream are now a reality.

Their motto is " Out with the bad and in with the better." This simply means that you won't find any gluten, GMOs, hydrated silica, (sounds a bit nasty, doesn't it ?), artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in their toothpaste.

What you will find, though, are clean, organic, natural ingredients that are simple and recognizable. We're talking about good stuff like organic coconut evaporated water, organic peppermint and spearmint oil, organic menthol, blue agave, baking soda and radish root. That, my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Their Purity Toothpaste cleans and brightens with mild coconut foam and gentle scrubbers. Forget the old-school synthetics and harsh abrasives. They are out the window.

Better and Better's Energy Toothpaste is infused with a microdose of Vitamins B 12 and D 3. Get that much-needed nutritional boost for the busy day ahead simply by brushing your teeth.

And, just when you thought that things couldn't get any better; be aware that Better and Better toothpaste comes in sugarcane tubes that are better for our planet. Their unique BPA-free sugarcane tubes are carbon neutral and recyclable.

Give those tired, old plastic, earth-unfriendly toothbrushes the brush off. Switch things up with Better and Better's natural bamboo toothbrushes. Your mouth will LOVE you for it. 

Their toothbrushes are made with just two natural materials - beautiful bamboo and 100% plant-based castor bean oil soft bristles. The toothbrush itself comes in two parts, a reusable brush handle and a replaceable brush head that, ideally, you should change every three months.

To complete your oral care routine, make sure that you check out their floss. There's a lot to like going on at Better and Better. There's no time like the present to learn more about the brand at

One up-and-coming brand that you should certainly look into is Jason. Derived from the Greek word for healer, Jason is a brand that celebrates the power of the earth's amazing botanicals.

Your partner in full-body wellness, Jason offers a variety of self-care solutions including hand soap, sunscreen, shampoo, body wash, deodorant and, of course, mouthwash and toothpaste.

Emphasizing the "best ingredients for the best you ", Jason offers an intriguing collection of toothpaste that are designed to dazzle your smile and improve your oral health. Their Anti-Cavity line-up includes a tartar control toothpaste; an option that whitens your teeth and a strengthening paste.

You'll adore the fact that one of the ingredients in this toothpaste is, of all things, Cinnamon! You didn't see that one coming, did you?

Other varieties run from the Simply Coconut Soothing Toothpaste made with coconut chamomile and the Powersmile Antiplaque and Whitening Vanilla and Mint toothpaste. Can't wait to taste that one! The Powermint offering contains botanicals such as peppermint oil and grapefruit seed.

Why, Jason even has something for those little devils who never, ever want to brush their teeth because it's so "icky". Your kids will never run away from Jason's delicious, (yes, you heard that right ), strawberry toothpaste. It's so good, maybe Mom and dad will sneak a little on their toothbrush after the kiddies are in bed.

Utilizing high-performance and wholesome ingredients that are inspired by nature, you'll find only the good stuff here and NOT things you DON'T want like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or petrolatum. Jason's products are vegan and there is no animal testing done.

This is a toothpaste that is not only good for you; but you can feel good about using it, as well. And, there's MORE great news: Jason's formulas are primarily composed of plant-based ingredients, so they are biodegradable and, hence, extremely friendly to planet earth.

Interested in learning more?

Then log onto their website:

One of the more established wellness companies is Life Extension. Pushing the outer limits of nutritional science for over forty years, the folks at Life Extension have made a habit of making the "impossible" very real, indeed. 

Motivated by the belief that there is a healthier life available to us all if we go out and seek it, Life Extension has innovation built into its DNA.

Their track record goes all the way back to the 1980s when Life Extension introduced the anti-aging hormone DHEA to the public and was the first to recommend the daily use of low-dose aspirin to help prevent vascular disease.

The 1990s saw Life Extension make America aware of the sleep-supporting benefits of melatonin.

More recently, the company introduced a stand-alone lithium supplement designed to support healthy brain aging and longevity and they have developed a 24-hour vitamin-C hydrogel formula.

Life Extension's talent for breaking boundaries in the scientific and wellness field now extends to oral care. Safeguard your teeth and gums with their mint-flavored toothpaste.

Their fluoride-free toothpaste formula provides your mouth with antioxidants, nutrients and so much more. The team at Life Extension has curated an intriguing collection of ingredients that can be found inside their innovative toothpaste.

Let's look at just a few of them and the benefits that YOU will receive. Aloe Vera promotes gum health. After all, who needs bleeding gums? Another fantastic ingredient is Xylitol, a natural sweetener that helps to inhibit bacteria to support your oral health.

There are a ton of Green Tea fans out there who adore this elixir's soothing properties. Well, you can find this fabulous tea, (green tea leaf extract, to be precise ), in Life Extension's toothpaste. Green tea provides natural antioxidants called catechins that assist in inhibiting oxidative stress in your mouth.

Research shows that low folate levels have been associated with poor oral health. So, you'll be happy to know that the aforementioned mint toothpaste contains folic acid.

Not many people are familiar with Coenzyme Q10. But you should be. It is a powerful antioxidant that is quite effective in promoting healthy teeth and gums. And you can find it right here when you brush with Life extension's marvelous toothpaste.

Aside from their toothpaste, Life Extension's development lab has come up with

a product called Florassist, which is a probiotic lozenge that helps your overall oral health. 

 Combining the healthy probiotics BLIS M18 and IMMUNO- LP20, Florassist helps to inhibit undesirable bacteria in the mouth while also supporting optimal oral health and immune function.

Each bottle contains thirty vegetarian lozenges. It's so very convenient. Just dissolve one Florassist lozenge in your mouth, daily and you are good to go.

As always, it's smart to do your research before using any product and, of course, be sure to talk with your dentist.

Got questions? Log onto

Everybody wants their teeth to shine their brightest. Ideally, if you want your molars to be their absolute cleanest, it's best to see your dentist regularly. There's NO substitute for having a dental hygienist give your teeth a thorough cleaning. Make plaque a thing of the past.

But, that having been said, in-between visits, a lot of Americans are opting for whitening strips. They are convenient and made for our on-the-go lifestyle. Hey, got to get that smile in shape for your next date or business meeting.

There's one company in Los Angeles, by the name of Saint Oral Care that is revolutionizing the whitening strip as we know it. And YOU'RE the beneficiary!

Saint's whitening strips are made with a non-toxic proprietary formula, giving you the gleaming white teeth you want WITHOUT the enamel damage. Unlike some other brands, Saint whitening strips can be used long-term because their formula is gentle on your mouth, avoiding peroxides and other nasty bleaching agents.

So, what's IN these amazing strips, you ask? Coconut oil, for starters. Did you know that the lauric acid found in coconut oil prevents the formation of oral cavities and plaque buildup? Sign me up for that!

Another ingredient is White turmeric. With strong whitening capabilities, white turmeric is derived from the ginger family.

Dead Sea salt, of all things, is also in the mix. You'll be glad to learn that this particular salt is mineral-rich with antimicrobial properties.

Although their whitening strips are definitely trending upwards, Saint has several other products that you should know about in their oral care collection; the most important one being TOOTHPASTE.

Saint Oral Care is proud to introduce the first certified non-toxic and microbiome-safe fluoride-free toothpaste; " made in nature and backed by science", as their tagline says.

This incredible toothpaste is not at all harsh and is calcium-rich, which helps to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Ingredients range from Aloe Vera leaves, ( which contain essential amino acids to boost oral health and attack harmful bacteria), and tea tree oil, to plant-derived xylitol. Sourced from corn, xylitol has bacteria-fighting benefits that prevent tooth decay and bad breath.

Okay, this toothpaste works, but how does it taste? Let's just say that you will be very pleased. Cold-pressed spearmint leaves sourced from Fresno California will light up your mouth with a fresh, minty, clean as can-be flavor.

As with all of their products, you can purchase Saint's toothpaste by subscription, if you like, or try it with a one-time order. When you subscribe, you'll receive a comfortable supply of the oral care products you want every two months. It's convenient and you'll save a ton of money. And, you can cancel at any time.

At Saint, the founder Saum Zadeh, stands for a safer, more transparent oral care experience. Its mission is simple; to provide an oral care routine with CLEAN ingredients.

Check them out at their 

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