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Better & Better - Innovative Dental Tech

A great-tasting toothpaste that's better for you and great for the planet.

The oral care industry has no shortage of so-called premium toothpaste, brushes, floss and rinses with catchy brand names and memorable taglines. They all promise you amazing results as well as the sun, moon and stars. More often than not, though, these products leave the user feeling underwhelmed and very disappointed. Your oral care experience turned out to be just okay; nothing special, if you know what we mean.

However, that WON'T be the case when you purchase your next tube of toothpaste from Better & Better, a brand that REALLY lives up to its name.....and then some. A relatively new company in the marketplace, Better & Better is not afraid to shake things up a bit, which is great for the consumer and not quite so good for its competitors. They are proud to be different from the national big-name brands, whose products line the shelves at your local big-box pharmacy store.

An oral care company that develops toothpaste and other related products in an environmentally sound way, Better & Better is totally focused on your overall health. But, as any dentist will tell you, the mouth is the window to the body. So, if things start to deteriorate in your teeth and gums, infection and all manner of diseases can follow. The Better & Better team is on a mission to prevent this from happening. One important way is the team's dedication to bringing you alternative VITAMIN DELIVERY by way of their refreshing and superb-tasting toothpaste. 

What's not to like about that; taking your vitamins while also keeping your teeth strong, healthy and looking their best? Backed by scientific research, Better & Better has come up with a truly innovative method to make sure that, at least, some vitamin intake becomes part of your daily oral care routine.

Here's how the "magic" formula works: The vitamins that are inside B & B's toothpaste are absorbed directly through the mouth, gums and tongue and then go right into your system. Pretty neat, right? Brushing twice per day will deliver a microdose of vitamins and you are good to go! We know that you're probably intrigued by what you are reading and want to learn more. That's easy-peasy. Just go to https : // / pages / vitamins.

What makes Better & Better toothpaste a must-have addition to your bathroom's medicine cabinet? Let us count the ways. Let's start the proceedings by telling you what's NOT in their toothpaste. They have eliminated the synthetics, artificial flavors, preservatives and colors that you've come to know and detest. Looking for glutens, GMOs, or parabens? You won't find any of that junk here. But, what you CAN expect to find in this incredible toothpaste are natural and organic ingredients with names that you can actually pronounce. B & B's toothpaste is Vegan and has been certified cruelty-free, meaning that it is not tested on animals.

And, oh, by the way; the brand's toothpaste tubes are made from natural sugarcane and are recyclable. That's a good deal right there! Continuing on the environmentally sound theme, the good folks at Better & Better are, justifiably, quite proud of their partnership with the One Tree Planted organization. For every purchase, B & B will make a donation so that One Tree Planted can take its reforestation efforts to new heights. 

All of the brand's toothpaste start with a simple base formula, Purity. From there, Better & Better add a dose of health-boosting vitamins and minerals. Fortify contains remineralizing Hydroxyapatite; Energy contains vitamins D3 and B12 while you will find vitamins C, E, and Zinc in their Immunity toothpaste. As we alluded to, earlier in the article, the taste is spectacular. Their Fresh Mint toothpaste is a soft mint made from a combination of USDA-certified organic spearmint, organic peppermint and organic menthol.

A principal ingredient is sunflower seed oil, which has antibacterial properties. This helps to fight inflammation of the gums and the onset of gingivitis. Among other active ingredients in Better & Better toothpaste is rice powder which is tough on plaque and soft on your teeth; radish root, a natural preservative and baking soda, which neutralizes acids and balances PH in your mouth. You'll absolutely adore the organic coconut oil and coconut fruit powder. These ingredients, acting as mild scrubbers, are easy on the enamel and will help to keep your teeth shining their brightest. 

In addition to their fabulous toothpaste, Better & Better offers a well-curated array of products including fresh mint breath spray that is made with organic xylitol, vitamins, minerals and nourishing plant-based essential oils. Other oral care options range from natural, zero plastic floss that comes in a glass jar and floss picks to natural bamboo toothbrushes, a bamboo sonic brush and so much more.

Take a look at Better and Better's informative website and start shopping. Your teeth will definitely thank you. And here's a pro tip: look into doing a subscription. You'll save a ton of money and never have to worry about running out of toothpaste or floss. Subscribers receive FREE shipping on all orders and it's so convenient. Once you have created a subscription account you can change the type of toothpaste that you want, the frequency of your shipments as well as your shipping date. It's all up to you.

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