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Cad/Cam Dentistry - Convenience Meets Innovation for the Look You Want


Cad/Cam Dentistry - Convenience Meets Innovation for the Look You Want

We all want to look and feel our very best. And, other than our twice-yearly check-ups and cleanings, most of us want to avoid the dentist's office as much as possible. That's human nature.

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Tea and Tap Water - The Great Oral Health Debate



Professionals in the field of dentistry and their patients are always debating the pros and cons of what kind of foods are either good or bad for your teeth. The same goes for beverages like coffee and red wine. A glass of red wine can actually be helpful in fighting heart disease. yet, by the same token, merlot , cabernet or any other red wine, can wreak havoc when it comes to staining your teeth.

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Dental Veneers



By far, one of the most popular and budget friendly options available to give you that gleaming, Instagram worthy smile of your dreams are dental veneers.

Laminated, porcelain veneers are indeed, the smile make-over, game changing dental treatment that you'd been hoping for. Your cosmetic dentist will utilize years of experience, together with an artistic and sensitive set of hands, to transform an average smile into something very special. You will achieve a brand new smile that you'll be proud to show off to the world. And don't be surprised if your friends and co-workers will want to know how they can get a similar Academy Award winning smile.

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Aristides Rotsos Interview at Social Life Magazine


Aristides Rotsos, DDS, the founder of New York Dental, a cosmetic and implant dentistry practice located in Astoria, Queens, is one of the true finds in advanced cosmetic dentistry in the New York Tri-state area.
Dr. Rotsos is a graduate of the Tufts University Dental School in Massachusetts.

New York Dental is a state-of-the-art dental practice established in January of 2003 with cosmetic and implant dentistry as two of its focal points. The practice is at the forefront of new technology and offers a wide range of non-metal restorative options for patients who shun dental amalgam fillings or the use of any metal in their mouth.

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The Toothbrush - your at home weapon in the fight against cavities.


   The Toothbrush - your at home weapon in the fight against cavities.

In one form or another, the toothbrush has been around for ,quite literally, thousands of years. We have come to depend on this deceptively simple instrument of oral care, to keep our mouth fresh and clean, as well as to keep cavities away.

Ideally, we should all brush, three times per day, after every meal. Keeping to a regular, daily oral hygiene regimen is the best way to prevent expensive and ,sometimes, painful, procedures and treatments at the dentist's office. 

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